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The Background

Wisconsin Tourism Promotion

The '80s tourism promotional bumper sticker, "Escape to Wisconsin," was a symbol of adventure, opportunity, and the thrill of exploring the diverse landscapes of the Badger State. It beckoned travelers to embrace the unknown and immerse themselves in the wonders of Wisconsin. I vividly recall these iconic stickers adorning countless vehicles, resonating with a sense of camaraderie among adventurers eager to hit the open road. They represented not just a chance to win trips to exciting destinations but also a shared connection to the beauty, charm, and hospitality that define Wisconsin. These bumper stickers became a part of my childhood memories, reminding me of the unforgettable journeys and hidden gems our amazing state had to offer. While there are no longer any give aways tied to this sticker, it now serves as an emblem of adventure, a call to explore all the hidden gems within the borders of Wisconsin.

Green and Yellow Escape to Wisconsin Bumper Sticker Image
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